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Our Service Division’s New Look. Same Trusted Reliability

We have updated a few things and created a new look, yet we maintain the same trusted reliability our customers expect.  More importantly, this re-branding campaign’s overall results have also helped us highlight our highly dedicated, profoundly experienced, and highly talented Service team. This division consists of 24 team members representing three different unions, with over 300 years of combined industry experience! Now that’s not something you see or hear about every day. To learn more, go to our new resource

Providing Quality Mechanical Services for Over 50 Years.

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Mike Cool, Employee of the Quarter

“Mike was a great hire for the company. I can’t think of another person I would have wanted to manage the warehouse. He is hard working, easy going, smart, and easy to get along with. Mike always puts in the extra work to get the job done. There is no doubt in my mind that Mike has earned this honor. Congrats!”
– Tommy Godbold, Purchasing Manager


Melanie Spence, Promoted to Assistant Service Division Manager

Congratulations to Melanie Spence on her recent promotion as Welch and Rushe’s Assistant Service Division Manager! Melanie started her career with us in 2012 as a receptionist and since that time has successfully served in several other roles. She is an essential team member to the Service Division and we’re proud to have a strong and talented woman like Melanie with us. We’re excited to see her continued professional grow and her overall impact on the company.


Ed Clements, HVAC Service Tech Employee Shout Out

“Ed Clements has gone above and beyond with the influx of specialty chiller work. Ed’s main responsibility is to maintain a large contract at Chalk Point Generating Station while running other calls (sometimes evenings and weekends without technically being on call). He is quick to respond with no complaining and has become one of our trusted go-to service technicians. “

– Bob Callow, Service Division Manager


Federal Drug Administration Rooftop Unit Replacement, College Park, MD – Project Team Shout-Out

Thank you to the team at FDA College Park! Your hard work and dedication is hugely appreciated.

Welch and Rushe EMR Scores for DC and Maryland

Our EMR scores have been updated in both Washington, DC, and Maryland. In DC, our EMR is 0.76 and in Maryland our EMR is 0.71. Great job field teams for maintaining Welch and Rushe’s safety standards.

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